Well, not yet on this site, but hopefully eventually

So, Richard discusses ontologies. It kind of irked me. Why?

Most of these are ideas I’d have plans on implementing eventually! It won’t look so original when I do them now. :(
Among them are having backlinks (between wiki and blog pages, both between and within the wiki and blog, respectively), as well as a (not so hierarchical?) alternative to the “categories” that I have for my posts. In some respects, I expect the line between categories and wiki pages to blur eventually, where every wiki page has a corresponding category and vice versus. But that probably won’t happen for quite some time.

I was actually thinking I should eventually map everything onto categories within the DMOZ categorization of things, but I concluded that would probably take too much work (a continuing theme, regretfully).

I also intend on having task-specific categorization as well (categorization of posts by Amazon’s categorization of the Amazon products that they link to, for example).

However, I should stress: the dominant means for navigating my site, has always been intended to be by searching. That’s why the search box is at the top of just about every single page. Likewise, the dominant means for linking to this site has always intended to be via TrackBack - this is why everything - wiki pages, blog posts, blog comments - can be trackbacked.

The ontologies are nice, but they shouldn’t require oodles of work to set up, maintain, and categorize things into. That’s why I’m experimenting with an automatically inferred keyword-based navigation system, but it will be a while - I’m not certain I can get it to do what I want it to do efficiently enough.

So there, Richard’s just spoiled a few months, if not a year or more, worth of surprises I had in mind for you all. No hard feelings though! These weren’t original ideas anyway.

There is one idea that I had in mind that I think is original and hasn’t been done yet. It will require a little bit of work, but not much, and I think it will be worth it. I’ll give you a hint: post categories, just like posts themselves, shift into and out of relevance over time.

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