A new breed of comment spam

I came across a new breed of comment spam recently. The spammer copied the exact same name and comment content as another comment that already existed on that post and only changed the URL (and, of course, the IP address). I’ve banned their IP and added an additional word to the list of words that are not permitted in URLs, but this is disturbing me.

It means the comment spammers no longer care about the link containing relevant text - they just want increased linkage. This is very bad. Earlier I had suggested that perhaps I would only post links if the page that was linked to had an RSS feed. I’m thinking that now what I will do is say that if people want links, they need to enter in their e-mail address into a link request form and the link will be mailed to them. I realize this is a bit draconian, but I believe it should be effective. The reason why I’m backing down from the requiring RSS feeds on the links is because it just suggests/fosters a technological arms race, which I don’t want to create.

Now, we can try to do a community based thing and I can try to start hacking WordPress to share the same sort of file as Mt-Blacklist does, but this hardly seems like a good solution. I want an automated thing that doesn’t need to be updated much, and isn’t dependant on another site.

Any great ideas? This sort of comment spam isn’t one that I recall hearing about elsewhere, but I’m a bit behind on my blog reading, I confess. Too much stuff going on in the “real world”.

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