In order for “Personal Publishing” to win, “Blog” must lose - NOT

I remember what should be a famous quote, but when I go searching for it, I can’t find it. Back in the mid 1990s when Steve Jobs made his famous announcement of Microsoft investing in Apple he said something like “We must give up the idea that in order for Apple to win, Microsoft must lose.”

So to, I think that whenever you focus too much on just getting rid of one word, you can’t win. The alternative needs to stand on it’s own right. People need to want to use the word for all the same reasons that they used the old word, and then some.

Inspired by that famous quote from Steve Jobs: “We must give up the idea that in order for Personal Publishing to win, Blog must lose.”

Aiming to kill off the word blog isn’t exactly great - when people contemplate it it leads to a focus on the word blog. Advocating use of the term Personal Publishing - especially with arguable cross-media publishing tools that perhaps do page layout and PDF generation such as perhaps hints at might be a good idea (it doesn’t actually generate PDFs, or else it would also have to have a layout engine in there too, etc…).

Richard wants to find a better word than blog. This is not a new idea. The ArcterJournal, a while ago noticed that someone else (site not available presently) also had issues with the use of the word “blog”.

I think that a term like “Personal Publishing” suggests not just publishing of all sorts of content, but also to all sorts of places - and for a lot of people, the word “publishing” doesn’t immediately conjure up the notion of “the web”. So a “Personal Publishing” system that generates newsletters, PDFs, flyers, brochures, and letters to include with holiday cards might be something people would jump at.

Until then, “blog” is just the easier way to have a homepage, as described in the post that started the “weblog as avatar” concept.

People still see themselves as “online” or “offline” and, depending on their occupation, “getting on the web” is a hassle - “why can’t you just mail it to me?” is perhaps uttered by such people.

True “Personal Publishing” would facilitate such a thing, would it not? Bringing the content off the web and to “the rest of the world”. True “Personal Publishing” would enable an easy combination of “Web Publishing” and “Desktop Publishing”.

Perhaps eventually everyone will be “on the web” a good portion of the time. For now, getting the content off the web is actually a great way to distribute it.

Is your “Personal Publishing” focusing on too small of an audience by just focusing on the web?

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