It has been a while since I last announced any software for download, despite the fact that is what this site was supposed to be about when I first set it up. Anyway, here’s one: WP-Wikify, my first WordPress plug-in. To be honest, I didn’t have to write much code - most of it was in my old b2 hack, which I never released I don’t think, and the rest of it was just mean learning how to use the plugin architecture, for which I found the linkify plugin very useful.

The default wiki to link to in WP-Wikify is the WordPress Wiki, but in my own personal installation I’ve got it set up to first get a list of the pages on my MoinMoin installation (the pages that are to be my static pages, the ones I don’t allow others to edit) and then I only link if the page actually exists.

Eventually I may post more details about that, but I don’t know if there are that many people using both MoinMoin and WordPress - most people that I know seem to prefer to use only one language (Python or PHP) at a time.

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