1 Who Andrew Is

Omitted for various reasons.

2 What Andrew Does

See the ResumeOutline for what Andrew's job is and stuff like that.

He does some other things too - like post to Andrew's Blog occasionally.

He also reads, talks, writes software (hence how this site got it's name: Andrew's SoftWare = AndrewSW), and more.

3 When Andrew Does It

Whenever inspired.

4 Why Andrew Does It

See WhyAndrewBlogs .

5 How Andrew Does It

With whatever suitable tools he can find. Be sure to check WikiBlogIntegration for some details. He/I/Andrew also uses PHP, the PythonLanguage, MySQL and some other tools.

6 Where Andrew Does It

To play it safe with the UniversityAcceptableUsePolicy at the institution he presently attends (see EducationOfAndrew), Andrew only works on his potentially "commercial" website from his own equipment. It was in honor of the UniversityAcceptableUsePolicy that Andrew named his Blogger blog - My.UAUP.Blog - the blog that Andrew updates whenever he is on university equipment.

Andrew has lived in a variety of places, including "upstate" New York, Richmond, Virginia, and now in East Lansing, Michigan.

7 Addendum

Everything is a work in progress, that's why nothing on this site is totally done right or completely - someone once said "if it is worth doing, it is worth doing wrong". Free free to contact Andrew via http://www.andrewsw.com/contact if you have ideas/suggestions/etc... for more information he should put here. His blog is at http://www.andrewsw.com/news/index.php.

8 Appendix

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