This plugin allows you to easily display a list of the plugins that you use, along with a link to their plugin URLs. Example usage might be the following for a very simple page listing information about the plugins being used:


Or, on a template page or other place, the sidebar/menu one might have something like the following:

 <li id="plugins">Plugins: 
        <?php displayPluginsAsList(); ?> 

So, as you can see, two functions are provided,

  • displayPluginsAsTable()
  • displayPluginsAsList()

neither take any arguments and both print their output directly.

The code for the plugin can be found at rename it so it ends in .php and put it in your wp-content/plugins directory. Activate it from within the plugins administration interface that is part of WordPress and you should be good to go to use those functions in your templates.

To use them in the static pages available within WordPress 1.5, you need to have the RunPHP WordPress plugin installed and, for that page, have the "eval" checkbox checked.

To use them within WordPress 2.0, if you use RunPHP you will need to not use the visual rich editor in order to get to the "eval" checkbox. You may consider using Exec-PHP instead, in WordPress 2.0. For more information, see 2.0 plugin compatibility list page.

New features (about time I documented them - they've been around a while): displayPluginsAsTable() can take two possible arguments. The first is the name of an id to give the table for CSS purposes. The second is an optional flag to indicate whether or not you want the description to be shown. If you pass in a 0 then it is not. The default is to have it shown.

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